New Social Engine

About Us

NSE Begins

NSE originated from a Strategic Prevention Framework (SPF) grant received by Prevention Is Key in Morris County, New Jersey provided by NJ's Division of Addiction Services (DAS). Prevention Is Key worked with three local colleges, Fairleigh Dickenson University's College at Florham, the County College of Morris and Drew University, to recruit students to begin the program on their respective campuses.

Why We're Distinct

In the past, college communities have tried to address the issues surrounding substance abuse in a variety of ways. Many schools provide substance free social events. Some college communities have organizations that work to raise awareness and educate the student body, and others have student groups who work with their administrations to try to create policy change.

In contrast, NSE inter connects ALL of these under the umbrella of one branded organization. Dedicated NSE students implement a combination of best practices and effective strategies to achieve a broad vision with clear goals: to reduce the harms associated with drug and alcohol abuse, and to shift the culture of their schools.